Wolfgang Puck Hand Mixers: Should You Buy One?

Wolfgang Puck Hand Mixers Should You Buy One
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Your kitchen needs an update and one of the items on the list is an electric mixer. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself first.

What kind of mixer are you on the hunt for? One that can mix literally anything or just a simple mixer with a couple of attachments? What sort of recipes do you make or plan to make? What are you willing or able to spend for a quality mixer? These are all questions to seriously consider when you’re looking to add to your kitchen tools.

There are so many different types of mixers, and brands that make them, that it can feel nearly impossible to decide on one to purchase. You want excellent quality for a reasonable price, and different mixers offer different features for several kitchen needs.

Wolfgang Puck hand mixers are a seemingly popular option with consumers for a variety of reasons that we’ll discuss right here. Are you considering purchasing a Wolfgang Puck mixer for your kitchen? You’ll want to read this first!

What’s All the Hype About?

Recommendations can come from anywhere, be it reviews online, your family or friends, or even an employee at a store you travel to in order to purchase something.  More often than not, consumers research a product online before they buy. They look for features, pricing, and reviews from other customers.

Searching for the perfect mixer can be stressful, with so many different opinions about different kinds. Where exactly do you plan to buy your mixer? That can be a good starting point. For the Wolfgang Puck hand mixers, you’ll find availability on several websites, such as Amazon, the Home Shopping Network, and the Wolfgang Puck website.

Wolfgang Puck offers two types of hand mixers; a classic electric mixer with five speeds, and the Twist-and-Mix two speed mixer. The classic electric is just that: classic. It’s only a little different than most hand mixers, with its extra attachment in place.

The Twist-and-Mix is bit more interesting. It has a locking handle that locks into three different positions to make any mixing job easier on you and has a stand-up storage base to make putting it away super simple. This company also offers different color options so you’ll be able to decide what look suits you and your kitchen best.

What Else Makes the Wolfgang Puck Hand Mixers So Special?

The electric mixer has standard features, like the attachments and storage. It’s a pretty basic mixer. It has five speed settings with a power boost feature, a 250-watt motor, and chrome plated attachments, while the housing holds three beaters rather than one or two, like traditional mixers.

It also includes three dough hooks in the box and a stable heel rest to keep tip-over accidents to a minimum. Some buyers are pretty satisfied, giving it three out of five stars on Amazon.

The Twist-and-Mix replaces the electric mixer, as well as an immersion blender and an aerator. This one appliance knocks out three other common kitchen tools. That’s definitely something to be excited about. It also features high and low speed settings, and comes with a variety of attachments.

You’ll be getting a beater without a center post, a whisk, a drink mixer attachment, and they all store right into the motor housing and the stand-up base. It runs on thirty watts of power, so it’s great for most of your at-home cooking projects. With the Wolfgang Puck hand mixers, you’ll also get to choose between seven different colors, so you can personalize your mixer to fit the look you’ve picked out for your kitchen.

How do you choose? Simple electric or versatile, three-in-one? Either way, both of these mixers can definitely add some ease to your cooking and save you a good chunk of time in the process. When you’re mixing ingredients by hand, it can get a bit painful, and potentially have long term damage if you do it pretty often.

Manual mixing takes a toll on your joints and muscles, so purchasing a hand mixer could be the difference between easy mixing and burning shoulders. Which would you rather have?

Should You Buy a Wolfgang Puck Mixer?

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but both of these Wolfgang Puck hand mixers look to be pretty good options for your newest addition to your kitchen. The electric mixer has three out of five stars on Amazon, while the Twist-and-Mix model has very few reviews.

Comments from customers who bought the Twist-and-Mix model seem to be unsatisfied with the availability of repair parts, and some are concerned with the locking mechanism, saying that it doesn’t seem to lock in properly. The company recommends using a repair shop for individual parts, because there are several that they don’t offer.

There were also a few complaints about an included chopper in the set for the Twist-and-Mix model that buyers seem to have a hard time opening, but the company is very accommodating and offers assistance with each issue that their customers face. It’s always a good sign when a company is willing to help their customers with problems that may arise from their products. Good customer service can be a signifier of quality products.

Overall, the Wolfgang Puck hand mixers seem to be a pretty solid option. With the different features and attachments, you’ll be able to complete any recipe you could dream up. From drinks, to soups, to simple mixing jobs, these mixers will get the job done easily and efficiently. They also won’t break the bank, no matter which one you choose.

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Both options are very affordable for any budget, so you won’t have to worry about feeling guilty for getting yourself a Wolfgang Puck mixer. Adding either of these babies to your kitchen appliance family is going to make your life, and your cooking, easier. To purchase one, you can check out Amazon, the Home Shopping Network, or the Wolfgang Puck website.

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