Top Food Blogs In 2017

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food blogs in 2017

Besides making food as a necessity, people cook for fun. However, the hobby can lose its allure if you cook the same food repeatedly in the same style. Nevertheless, you will soon need help regardless of how creative you are. Fortunately, help is at hand. You can find hundreds of food blogs to help inspire you as you try to enhance your creativity in the kitchen. Here are just a few of the top food blogs to read in 2017.

Top Food Blogs 2017 – Our Pick

This list is of course subjective, but it’s based on our own thoughts and research.

Marsha’s Baking Addiction

Marsha doesn’t hold back in her blog when she describes her baking recipes. This blog refutes the misconception that baking is a pastime reserved for the retired. You can get how to make baked goods such as red velvet, donuts, pumpkin spice and cookies. You get the opportunity to make your own sweet and savory treats for your family and friends.



This food blog is run by a single author who does all the research and photography herself. She writes to encourage people to prepare light and fresh meals suitable for a home meal. Your evening meals will never be the same when you have this blog to help you change ordinary meals into five-star dinners.


Damn Delicious

This recipe blog offers easy to follow recipes for the health conscious person. Not to forget how its name came about, the food is extremely delicious, and it provides a variety of options for you to choose. It even provides recipes for preparing food for your pets. Soups and sauces are some of the highlights of the blog. You could try the Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce that you could serve with chicken and potatoes.


The Veg Space

For those who don’t fancy meat or fish, this is the blog that you need. You can browse through this blog to find lots of recipe ideas including vegetarian versions of meaty delicacies. You could also acquire innovative concepts that feature non-meat ingredients. This blog is also ideal for meat eaters who want to reduce their meat intake in their diet, while taking care to provide advice on how to obtain sufficient nutrients in delicious vegetarian treats.


Simply Recipes

As the name suggests, you can get awesome recipes presented in easy to understand style. The recipes are wholesome and excellent for helping you prepare family meals. Its interface is truly attractive, complete with nicely taken pictures and a sidebar that enables easy navigation. You could choose to search any recipe according to various categories such as diet type, season and top of the range cuisines.


Sprouted Kitchen

If you are looking for a blog that offers advice on luxury cookware or dishes, this is the blog to log on to. It ensures that you make meals in luxurious cookware, which offers a remarkable sight and tasty food for special of occasions. You will find it useful if you are planning to host dinner for a special person or people whom you need to impress. The meals are prepared using the finest ingredients to wow guests and family.


Free from fairy

Perfect for those who have gluten intolerance, Free and Fairy gives valuable, and possibly, life-saving advice. It provides recipes for meals that are free of gluten, which is a typical ingredient in rye, barley and wheat, rye as well as triticale, kamut and spelt. The blog is particularly concerned about providing medically approved diet. It will help gluten-intolerant people avoid celiac disease, which affects the small intestine and makes it unable to digest food. This blog is a godsend as it goes further than medical practitioners by highlighting the benefits of using gluten free food. Strict diet need not be torturous anymore.


Home Cooking Memories

This is a family food blog in which easy, creative recipes, modern recipe saving styles and recipe preservation ideas are shared. It provides numerous tips about techniques you could use to preserve your kitchen memories. The recipes in this blog are sure to help you expand your home cooking skills. The foods are not only yummy but also healthy for your family.


My Little Italian Kitchen

For the well traveled, you will have tasted many types of dishes. This blog adds something unique to your repertoire, with several international cuisines. It can help you spice up your kitchen and dining table with curries from places such as India and Thailand. But it would be incomplete without describing various pasta dishes with its Italian recipes and pizzas. The blog will take you on trip to entice your culinary skills through a journey across the global kitchen. You will wish you had traveled to those places to get the taste first-hand.


Shockingly Delicious

This home cooking blog offers simple-to-prepare recipes and tips transform your ordinary culinary skills into amazing home cooking. Shockingly Delicious is one of the top foods to read in 2017 because it has some of the most delicious amount of content that will shock the hell out of you. These include recipes, reviews and even ideas to make your holiday unforgettable.


Food and Fitness Always

Food and Fitness Always is perfect for those who are concerned about maintaining a healthy and fit body even as they enjoy their food. It provides easy-to-prepare meals that will help you see quick results out of your training regime. The blog will help you streamline your eating habits and enable you to attain your nutrition and weight loss goals.


Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

This blog is a reflection of all that goes on in the author’s kitchen. You can get ideas from this diary when you make your next family meal. The diary contains descriptions of juicy lasagnas and creamy pastas. Use it to prepare fabulous meals for any day of the week and invite your friends and family. The blog will keep you ever ready for creating healthy, comfort foods and classic favorites for any size of family.


These are just a few top food blogs you can read in 2017. They will help you get started or become an even better cook. Some of these blogs are awesome for making homemade meals, while others can be useful even for someone who has a restaurant to run. With these blogs, your food will never taste ordinary again, and your culinary skills will leave your family, friends and customers begging for more.

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