KitchenAid Commercial Mixer Review

KitchenAid Commercial Mixer Review
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Sit tight and read our KitchenAid commercial mixer review to the end to find out all you need to know about the appliance and its performance.

The commercial mixer from KitchenAid was designed by professionals in the industry who know what a commercial mixer needs to have to do a job well done. Not only was it designed by professionals but it was also designed specifically for use by professionals. Their mixers in the commercial line offer high strength, great power and large capacities for larger batches and challenging recipes.

This mixer is quite powerful with a 1.3 horsepower motor that is capable of handling in excess of 8 lbs. of dough. It also has the capacity to whip up enough for batter for 14 dozen cookies in one session. This is the largest capacity of mixers offered by the manufacture of KitchenAid appliances.

The power hub of the mixer is very versatile with the ability to work more than 12 different attachments so you can use this stand mixer for a wide variety of kitchen prep methods. What stand mixer is this?

The KitchenAid Commercial Series Bowl Lift Stand Mixer

This stand mixer is NSF certified and made with a stainless steel bowl with guard. When we talk about horsepower of 1.3 we are talking about the power of the motor itself and not of the output which the mixer bowl delivers.

The bowl receives .44 HP which is still enough power to categorize the unit as for commercial use. This horsepower (HP) provides the bowl with consistent power without causing the buildup of heat even when the unit is working on a large load.

The motor has an advanced control board which makes it very long lasting – as a matter of fact it is the longest lasting motor and most efficient yet from the manufacturer. The motor is made for a special purpose – to provide this commercial stand mixer with the power it needs.

The Bowl

The bowl is designed with a bowl guard for safety. This guard ensures that items do not enter the mix while the unit is in operation so you don’t have to worry about any foreign matter in your mixture.

The bowl is made sturdy and with a bowl lift design you are certain that you will have bowl stability even when working on large batches. There is a lever to help you lift the bowl smoothly into position and ensure the efficient contact of the beater and the bowl.

The bowl has a capacity of 8 quarts giving it the ability to mix a recipe that calls for a maximum of 16 cups of flour. It will make enough dough for 8 loaves of bread or 14 dozen cookies in one mix.


With your purchase of the commercial mixer you get the standard attachments included in your purchase. The standard attachments include a stainless steel wire whip, a flat beater and the Powerknead spiral dough hook.

Commercial Mixer Uses

These commercial stand mixers are a good choice for anybody with a restaurant, catering business, bakery, café and sub shop or other type of food establishment that does a lot of baking. With a larger capacity this type of stand mixer can provide for all your heavy duty needs. It is designed in a way that makes it sturdy so that it will not slide or move around when in use.

Your commercial mixer can handle all types of tasks from cake batter, whipped cream, egg batter, pizza dough, icing and more. Thanks to variable speeds you will be able to use these stand mixers for a variety of tasks.

The Right Size

The bowl of the mixer is that which determines its capacity. This kitchenAid commercial mixer reviews points out the use of a commercial small scale mixer. You have industrial sized mixers such as bench mixers and floor mixers with larger capacities that are used in large scale food manufacturing. You will find different mixers from different manufacturers that work with different mixing mechanisms. These include;

  1. Planetary – these are useful for multipurpose kitchen prep. The way they mix allows for them to also blend and chop making them very useful for the daily use of a small scale commercial operation. The shaft moves around the bowl while remaining in a fixed position. Kind of how the planets rotate around the sun. This allows for a machine that can be used with a variety of attachments but the downside with these is their precision.
  2. Spiral – these are good choices when you do a lot of dough. They are made with a fixed beater and it is the bowl that rotates. This is great for large amounts of dough and are more precise. However these types of mixers are not as versatile as the previous as they cannot work with different attachments.
  3. Vertical cutter – industrial sized food processors tend to have this type of mixer. They can be used for a variety of large scale chopping, kneading, emulsifying, mixing and blending. These tend to be very versatile but very loud and can be hard to clean due to their size. They also have a large footprint.

If you have a need for a commercial mixer we do hope this KitchenAid commercial mixer review was of help to you. It is quite a big decision – purchasing a commercial mixer – and cost is a factor. If you are the owner or proprietor of a small restaurant, catering business or café or such then you will want to have a very versatile item.

One that can not only mix up batter and make dough for your bread and cookies but also something that can be used with additional attachments to provide you with a multipurpose kitchen prep tool.

With KitchenAid you know you are getting a top quality item especially when it comes to their mixers – one of their flagship items. You can confidently purchase their commercial mixer knowing that your money would have been well spent and that you will enjoy a durable and high quality product for years to come.

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