KitchenAid Blenders Review – Which One is the Best?

KitchenAid Blenders Review – Which One is the Best
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Some people often have so many kitchen gadgets that they don’t know what to do with them all. A common one that is strangely stored, and sometimes even forgotten about entirely, is the blender. When it comes to kitchen blenders, some work a great deal better than others.

Some have better motors, better blades, and better functionality. The blender you choose can make or break your opinions of the appliance, so you need to choose wisely. You’ll want a blender that can handle all of the ingredients you throw in it without breaking down or fighting to get them blended properly.

The more wattage the motor has, the better it’s likely to work out with most recipes. Whether you have a deep love for smoothies, or you need to mix soup and sauce ingredients, the perfect blender for you is out there, and it just might be made by KitchenAid.

KitchenAid is known for having an enormous supply of kitchen gadgets, from ranges and dishwashers to mixers and blenders. From what we’ve discovered, they make some pretty awesome blenders, and they seem to stand up pretty well to some of the much more expensive blenders that claim to be top of the line.

In some tests on several different blenders, KitchenAid blenders review pretty well. Do you think that they might have crafted the perfect blender on your countertop? Let’s find out right here.

Why is the KitchenAid Blenders Review So Great?

In a study done between some of the most popular blenders, KitchenAid surprised consumers with just as many capabilities, if not more, than the much more expensive brands for a much lower price tag. They tested them with a bunch of different ingredients, some soft, like cream, and others extremely hard, like ice.

The true test was whether or not the blenders could make some of the most difficult recipes, like almond butter, or chop up some challenging ingredients, like a cold block of cheese.

Some of the higher end blenders did alright, but the KitchenAid outperformed many of them. With several models available, KitchenAid continues to be a leader in the blender market.

KitchenAid offers multiple color options with their appliances, so you can purchase the one that will fit into your kitchen and your taste the best. The KSB560 model is a top choice with KitchenAid buyers because it features five speeds with the pulse and ice crush options.

It’s constructed with a metal base, a stainless steel blade that is made in one piece, and a reinforced coupler so it’s seriously sturdy. With the 450-watt motor and the dishwasher safe, shatter resistant fifty-six-ounce pitcher, this is one blender that won’t disappoint you or your smoothie.

What Other Options are There?

KitchenAid also has this blender that tops most other blenders, the Diamond. The Diamond blender functions on five speeds and was rated a 7.9 out of 10 when it was put up against some of the most expensive blenders on the market.

It might take a tad bit longer to get the job done, but it’s a consistent and reliable blender, so we’re pretty sure you’ll be amazed with it, too. It’s worth every penny that it’s priced for. It’s capable of multitasking, and it can take on so many more ingredients than just soft fruits for smoothies.

The KitchenAid blenders review also shows that the Diamond comes with a sixty-ounce pitcher and simple controls so just about any buyer can operate it with ease. It’s really effective at crushing ice and chopping up that entire cold block of cheddar.

The pitcher is also dishwasher safe, so this blender is a breeze to clean up when you’re done blending up everything but the kitchen sink. The Diamond blender brings with it a one-year warranty as well, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down. If it does, the company will repair or replace it for you.

KitchenAid also has this baby in fifteen different colors. Can you even think of that many different colors? What color would you choose? Can you see it sitting on your countertop already?

Let’s Throw in One More Awesome Blender

If you thought that those were the only two top choice blenders, think again. There’s one more that’s worth going over and it’s a pretty nice one. It’s the KitchenAid KHB2561CU model, and it’s a hand held blender, rather than a traditional blender.

The KitchenAid blenders review for this particular blender got just over four stars out of five from customers for being super versatile and simple to operate. It’s got five speeds and the capability to mix, chop, and blend more ingredients than some other immersion blenders.

It comes with three different blades, a chopper, and a whisk attachment. The S-blade, multipurpose blade, and the beater attachments make this blender one of the most versatile you can find.

The attachments come on an eight-inch-long arm so it can reach into deeper pots and containers for all of your blending needs without so many dirty dishes.

Customers rave over how easy it is to use, how comfortable it is in their hands, and how many different things they can do with it. The KitchenAid hand blender is a ridiculously useful tool to have in your kitchen.

Whether you purchase the KSB560 model, the Diamond blender, or the KHB2561CU version from KitchenAid, you’ll more than likely be super impressed with what these blenders can do.

The right blender can pull together everything in your kitchen, figuratively and literally. Do you prefer durability over versatility? With these blenders, you don’t have to choose, because KitchenAid blenders review as being equal parts of both.

Have you picked out the model you need? What color are you going to buy? Both are great questions to ask yourself because you’ll surely want one of these amazing blenders to add to your kitchen gadgets.

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