KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Best Price

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Best Price
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Baking has been revolutionized in many ways over the years. It has been improved not only with the techniques of creating different pastries, but also with the equipments that have been used in the kitchen.

One rather significant kitchenware that plays an important role in the baking is the stand mixer. It is much better than the traditional hand models but its convenience comes with a price.

Kitchenware’s make and model usually do not matter when it comes to an average household kitchen. However, for those who do a lot of baking for a small business or as a hobby, choosing a good and reliable mixer is extremely important.

While taking a look at various kitchenware product-review sites, a very common and popular name that one can encounter is KitchenAid. When it comes to stand mixers, it is the most trusted name and brand.

Why? KitchenAid has proven to be one of the most reliable brands in the market not only for stand mixer products, but also for other kitchenware items.

KitchenAid offers many options for customers who have unique needs for every purchase they make. It creates helpful innovations for professional chefs as well as for average people who are looking for convenient kitchen baking practices.

Classic vs. Artisan

KitchenAid mixers can be classified into two models: Classic and Artisan. When it comes to design, a few obvious observations let you distinguish between the classic and artisan mixer.  Artisan mixer’s bowl comes with a handle and has a pouring shield as well. Furthermore, artisan mixers are more powerful and can be used for bread making too.

For those who don’t want to get into technicalities of a mixer’s features, here’s a simplified description of an artisan mixer and some reasons why choosing an artisan mixer is better if one does a lot of baking:

Why choose Artisan mixers?

  • Power – Artisan mixer is more powerful because of its 325-watt design. This gives it a 75 watt advantage over a classic mixer which is a significant power difference. This makes a lot of difference when it comes to bread making. With just 250 watt capacity, classic KitchenAid mixer is not built for bread making whereas the 325 wattage of the artisan mixer allows it to be used for such a task. Furthermore, using a mixer for extensive bread making may not be a very good idea if one expects to maximize the lifespan of the mixer.
  • Holding Capacity – Artisan mixers are generally bigger than the classic ones in terms of bowl volume and capacity. Artisan mixer has a 5-quart volume while the classic only has 4.5. For those who use it for commercial purposes, the .5 quart difference is very significant. This means that the artisan mixer can make bigger batches and produce larger output in a single batch.
  • Accessories– KitchenAid mixers are known for their versatile power-hub that allows the baker to use different attachments to suit their baking needs. In terms of accessories, the artisan mixers are more advantageous. First of all, the bowl has a handle which is a very convenient feature especially for novice bakers. Furthermore, the package comes with a pouring shield. You can attach a pouring shield to classic mixer too but it has to be bought separately from the mixer.

Generally, classic mixers are for novices while artisan mixers are for more advanced bakers. Because of the difference in features, it is understandable that artisan mixer comes at a more expensive price.

Classic mixers can be bought within $200-250 price range while artisan mixers are available between $250 and $300.

For those who pay more attention to the price while making a purchase, we still recommend buying the artisan mixer. It may be more expensive to buy, but in the long run it actually lets you save a lot of money.

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