How to Use An Immersion Blender

How to Use An Immersion Blender
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When you think blender, you most likely think of a device that does not require much human work. You think of hefty container shredding liquid until it is done so that you can pour it in a mug and be off to work, right? Well, there are all kinds of blenders out there.

A popular blender model is the immersion blender. If you don’t know, an immersion blender is sort of like a reversed blender, where the user grips a blending handle, or wand as some people call it, and blend the contents of the mixture in the bowl that it is to be prepared in.

Invented in the 1950’s, immersion blenders have come to claim themselves as a must have in the kitchen for their wide range of uses, as well as their simple design and wide range of features and models. Still in disbelief?  Then check out some of these quick facts about immersion blenders.

There are all sorts of benefits to using a blender of this kind. For example, Immersion blenders offer easy portability for someone who moves around a lot, or needs to do some shredding on the go.

Immersion blenders are among some of the easiest kitchen appliances to clean, so do not worry about complicated clean up. Immersion blenders do a better job of keeping chunks still in the mixer, whereas traditional blenders are better at liquefying ingredients.

Immersion blenders are statistically more budget friendly for the average household. Are you convinced that you should be using one of these helpful appliances? If so, then it is time for you to learn some of the ways that you can use an Immersion Blenders

The Very Basics of Using An Immersion Blender

The basic process of setting up one of these blenders is quite simple. Most models require some assembly, but it is never much more complicated than attaching one end into the other. Plug the blender into into the nearest power outlet, and give it some time to warm up before using it. Prepare the container that you will use to blend and make sure the blender is facing down at a straight angle.

How to Avoid Spillage When Using An Immersion Blender

One of the biggest concerns when one uses an immersion blender is the spillage that can occur. This is natural to the process, but there are simple ways to avoid this issue.

If given the opportunity, use the tallest pot with the thinnest diameter you can find at first, do not fill the contents of the container all the way. Sure you wanna get the blending done as fast as possible, but blending only half the mixture before adding the rest is a great way to ensure nothing goes flying onto your linoleum tiles.

If speed settings are a feature, trying setting it to low first, and use the higher speeds to remove lumps from the liquid finish

Some “Do Not’s” When Using An Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders are not made to be entirely safe. Many people have hurt themselves because they did not take basic precautions upon using such a device. Keep in mind these safety tips. Avoid using glass dishes, or other easily breakable pans.

You may not cut yourself with the blender itself but you could easily end up with broken glass in your hand. Be sure the blender is securely submerged into the mixture; blending from the top and going down is likely to cause spillage and raise other dangers. Make sure to unplug the blender when not operating, as it could accidentally go off and harm someone or something

Endless Possibilities of Use

Immersion blenders are much simpler to use than their traditional counterpart. While many people have only one or two uses for them, there is just about an endless list of things that you can prepare easily with an immersion blender.

Are you tired of having salsas that are too spicy? Too chunky for your tastes? With an immersion blender, you can throw in a few herbs, spices, and tomatoes, mix them all together, and have the best salsa you have ever tasted.

You can also make softer mashed potatoes. It would be very difficult to take a couple of potatoes and olely use an immersion blender to mash them all up, you can take some pre-mashed potatoes that you have already grinded up, and make sure you get some of those troublesome lumps out of the mix.

You don’t have to use your blender for the main entry. It is a tool that can be used for even the slightest of ingredients. Mixing some basil, arugula, spinach and other greens, you can make a healthy load of pesto.

If you have enough flour, eggs, and sugar, then why not whip up something delicious for Saturday morning breakfast? With your immersion blender, you can make fine grain pancake batter that will turn into the fluffiest of pancakes.

Just like traditional blenders, immersion blenders can whip up a delicious cold smoothie in a matter of minutes. Take some fruits, if frozen be sure to defrost them first, and get to work making a healthy tasteful snack.

Smoothies aren’t the only frozen treat you can make with one of these kitchen tools. Why spend loads of money out somewhere on expensive milkshakes, when you can take some ice, a few scoops of vanilla or chocolate, and enjoy some liquid creams in the comfort of your own home.

In today’s world, you never know what you are putting into your child’s body. Using an immersion blender, you are sure to cook up a healthy and organic mash to feed your infant.

So, Should You Buy An Immersion Blender?

While they don’t do everything, immersion blenders are a great means of making some quick and easy meals, ingredients and condiments for later use. From portability, to their inexpensive average prices, they establish themselves as one of the must haves of the kitchen cabinet.

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