Cuisinart Stand Mixer – Kitchen Appliance Review

Cuisinart Stand Mixer - Kitchen Appliance Review
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Every kitchen is in need of excellent appliances for everyday use to simplify and make the cooking process more enjoyable and time saving. Many appliances exist on the market for such purposes, and it can be difficult to choose the right type or brand.

However, for those with extra time of cooking from scratch or whipping up food items for their recipes, a stand mixer is a handy and useful appliance to purchase. Such stand mixers might need a bit more extra space on the countertops, but this is worth it since this mixer will prove to be a smart buy for bake lovers especially.

The Cuisinart stand mixer is the item to focus on. If this is compared to regular hand-held mixers, this mixer is incredibly safe for use, easy to hold on to, light, practical and a high-technology device for your kitchen.

Expect this mixer to become your next favorite appliance for food prep and once you try it, all recipes involving whipping and mixing will be next on your agenda for kitchen activities. Cooking will never be as easy as with the Cuisinart stand mixer; besides the design and outlook of this product suits the kitchen countertop regardless the kitchen style.

Cuisinart stand mixer, design, features, outlook

The stand mixer is powerful, precise and offers the required performance for impeccable cooking with its 500-watt motor, a solid die-cast metal setup. This appliance has 12 speeds for use for better and time saving cooking and variety of meal prep mixing options.

This stand mixer has a tilt-back head which lets you have a simple and easy access to the stylish 5.5 quart mixing bowl. Another good thing is an included splash-guard to avoid messy clothes, aprons and countertop surfaces. The package comes with dough hook, flat mixing paddle, chef whisk too. All items included are proven as safe for dishwasher use

This kind of mixer comes in a stylish, polished look of metallic silver, metallic grey, red, shiny black and white-silver colors. The bottom surface of the mixer is solid and firm to stand still on the countertop whilst turned on and there are several mobile parts along with the mixer, suitable for each type of mixing and whipping.

Also, in addition, if needed you can purchase more items for this set, such as pasta cutter, pasta roller, pasta extruder, frozen dessert maker and meat grinder as well.

Performance, speed, power

Cuisinart has this setup with 500 watts, however this number is of no cardinal importance when you are in need to search a good kitchen buy. These kinds of numbers are used as a measure tool for marketing and simply listing the performance features of an appliance.

The Cuisinart stand mixer is incredibly easy for use, it can mix up  a thick dough enough for two large bread pans with ease and also it can even prepare not one, but two cookie batches at once. If you are a pizza or pastry lover, this appliance is the perfect pick – you can prepare a thick pizza dough or approximately enough for two pizzas each of 14”.

Do not worry for noise or the machine slipping and sliding as it mixes on the countertop. The machine is light and appropriate weight for stand mixer, while it is turned on it works in relatively silent and noiseless manner, there is no visible and noticeable vibration or moving from the spot and this means no longer worrying if the mixer ends up inches away from the primary positioning after the mixing.

With the 12 speeds available, the options for whipping and mixing are limitless and countless, each speed is adjustable per your recipes and each type of dough or cream will be perfectly made with one of the speeds options array.

Other stand mixers might be difficult to handle after the cooking especially, when it is time for cleaning up as the dough bakes in the oven. But, here this is not a problem – with the Cuisinart stand mixer you just need to tilt the head a bit to the back, gently and lightly twist the mixing bowl for locking and unlocking. Then, as simple as it can be; start mixing or start the dishwasher. That same tilt makes easy removal or change of the parts too

The 5.5-quart bowls are of excellent quality, made of stainless steel and have solid steel handles on the sides too. These handles simplify the whole process of locking and unlocking, holding the bowl while you add ingredients, pouring the dough into other dishes, transport, removal, etc. all things are made easy. On mixers that cost less, this feature is often rarely if almost never included.

Compared to other mixers, the dough hook in this stand mixer has some noticeable climbing of the dough upward, but of course not as much as the very top, as seen in almost every dough hook cheaper mixer parts.

Weight, compact look, options

In comparison to other appliances of this kind, the Cuisinart stand mixer is much lighter, you can easily move this around where needed and no worries if your kitchen is smaller or has different-than-plain kitchen cabinets. It can fit well in every corner or cabinet since it is 12 and ½ inches in height, considering the regular cabinets are more or less 18 inches approximately.

The depth is 15 and ½ inches, so this mixer will not protrude on the rest of the countertop space, so feel free to store it, use it, move it per your needs.

Cuisinart stand mixer starts off slow, which is a big benefit when you need to avoid sudden or unexpected splashes of the content mixed. The hooks mix and spin slow at first, even with higher speeds used – a must have option for mixers.

As a final thought, the Cuisinart stand mixer excels other types of mixers with its surface stability, wide range of 12 speeds, high class steel manufactured professional parts, slow start and no-splash mixing, light weight suitable for any use or any place in your kitchen.

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