Finding Great Blenders That Can Make Soup

Finding Great Blenders That Can Make Soup
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The Gist of Soup Blenders

You might think that the summer is not the best time to buy a new soup blender, but that is not always the case. There are plenty of benefits to buying a blender now. Once fall comes and passess, before you know it, wintertime will be upon you. If you commute to work five days a week, then it might be nice to have something hot waiting for you at lunch.

However, there are a lot of blenders out there that come with different features and values. How do you pick the right one? Well, it’s all just about knowing where to look, and what to look for.  Amazon has a large variety of blenders, but it can still seem daunting when they are all thrown at you at once.

Where to Begin?

The Shred Emulsifier brand makes a  Multi-functional Blender that  comes with eight pre-programed settings, so making a nice soup or broth is as easy as ever. It contains a 1500 watt battery to ensure long lasting use, along with a 2-horsepower motor to ensure you get your money’s worth. This is a budget friendly model, one that comes with many variety of uses beyond making soup, and is

Does not come with a portable container, so making soup and taking it with you on the go will be a bit of a difficulty if you do not already have a thermos of some sort.

This model takes most of its pride in being easy to operate, and contains the ability to make a variety of things, however it is not the prime model on the market if you are looking to blend in a minute and be out the door for work. However, it is a good quality buy and is fairly budget friendly.

The Cuisinart SBC-1000 Soup Maker is a great model if you are looking for something to regular the temperature of your soup, as it comes with a temperature controlling knob. Unlike a lot of other models, this blender’s container is both glass and plastic, allowing both easy grip and reinforced build.

It has a good variety of heat settings so that you can cook just about any type of soup, from simmer to boil, in a quick amount of time. Has a hefty container (48 ounces), so if you are cooking for more than one, serving is not much trouble. It is not for drinking soup on the go, as every part of the design is centered around making a large amount of soup, keeping it warm, and serving it as soon as possible.

If you are looking for soup on the go, this may not be for you. Also, this is a very budget unfriendly model, and can seem like a big spend for many. This is a fairly good soup blender, especially if you are cooking dinner for a family and are not in a rush to be somewhere. However, it is important to keep in mind that this blender is designed only for soup really, and does not work well in making milkshakes and other cold based drinks.

What About Hand Blenders?

Hand blenders are a great way to make quick soup if you do not want to buy something bulky or traditional. The KitchenAid KHB1231CU Hand Blender  comes with a soft grip handle, to ensure that it does not slip from your grasp when blending.  Comes with 2-speed settings, and capped portable measuring mug to store in the fridge when you are ready to eat.

A great model if you are looking for a quick blend before work, or just want to have something at the ready when you get home. It’s also very easy to store and bring on the road with you. For other types of situations, a traditional blender may be more profitable, but it is entirely up to you in the end.

As an immersion blender, it is also generally inexpensive. Does not come with many settings, so if you are someone who has trouble judging the consistency at which you want the mixture to be, there could be trouble with accuracy.

What About When You Need Soup Away From Home?

There are many models that pride themselves in their portability. The Bella Rocket Extract Pro Power Blender model comes with a 700 watt base and with over three different containers to blend, with a stainless steel finish.

With a variety of containers, this model is a great buy if you are looking to make different amounts of soups and other meals or snacks. For a traditional blender, this is a very affordable blender, and is fairly good for purposes both on the go and in the home. It is a very loud blender, so be weary if you are trying not to wake others.

There are not many blades in the actual blender itself, so wear and tear can be expected to happen. This is an all around blender that can serve a purpose for just about any individual or household, however, it is not the most reinforced model on the market, so if you are going to be using it every day, be cautious of damage of time.

The Hometech Electric Jug Blender model comes with an automatic blend feature, so that once it hits a specific temperature it will begin to shred. It comes with a large 56 ounce container, and is entirely. It’s a fantastic blender to bring with you on a camping trip or other weekend event. Very clean use, as it comes with a spill reducing lid.

However, not only does it not make a variety of portions, it is very specific with the minimum/maximum amount of soup that can be made. This is perhaps the most specific model on this list, but a good blender nonetheless. If you see a situation in which you would care to bring a lot of soup on the go, this is a good product to have on you, and is fairly budget friendly.

So, What Kind Of Soup Blender Should you Buy

It is not simple to say, “these are blenders that make soup”, as each model comes with different features and purposes. To put in quickly, if you are not sure what blender to buy for soup making consider, the size of the container. If you are looking to make a lot of soup, then looking for something that makes large portions.

If you are always on the move, make sure to get a soup blender with some reliable portability. If you like making a variety of dishes, then consider additional features that it comes with. Always consider the price, and if you are not the best chef in the world, consider the ease of use as well.

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