Best Blender for Making Smoothies

Best Blender for Making Smoothies
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Are you interested in making your own smoothies at home? That’s a great way to save some money and personalize the items that are used in your smoothie. There are a lot of blenders and smoothie makers on the market today and searching for the best blender doesn’t have to be a long process. Of course, they come in a variety of sizes and they can fit a wide range of budgets. Deciding on which product is best for you can be an extensive and time-consuming process.

5 Best Blender Reviews

Instead of purchasing a device made specifically for making smoothies, why not purchase a blender? They will be more versatile in their function and they can create the perfect smoothie. There are a lot of blenders on the market today that can be used to make smoothies. Do you want to find out about some of the best ones? Continue reading! We will look at some of the things you should look for in a blender that can be used for smoothies and much more.

Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)

The Ninja Professional Blender is a great tool for making smoothies. It has a very powerful motor that can crush many different food items even when they are frozen. You can even use it to blend vegetables, and it is very easy to clean.

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with...


  • 1000W motor
  • Safety feature: blades only spin if lid is closed
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 72 oz. plastic blender jar
  • Crushes ice in seconds


  • The parts are safe to clean in the dishwasher so it’s easy to clean.
  • It has a very large blender jar so you can make more than one serving at a time.
  • If the lid is not on the blender, the blades won’t spin.
  • It has a very powerful motor.
  • It doesn’t require a lot of storage space.


  • The base is a bit heavy.


Ninja is one of the best blender brands on the market today and this Professional Blender is amidst the top performers. Equipped with a powerful motor and enough blending speeds to make a very delicious smoothie, there is not much more than you could desire in a blender.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender Plus 24oz Smoothie Cup

Complete with a smoothie cup for making the perfect smoothie serving, this Oster Pro 1200 Blender Plus 24oz Smoothie Cup is definitely one of the best on the market today. It is not very expensive, and it has a speed specially designed for making smoothies.

Oster BLSTMB-CBG-000 Pro 1200 Blender Plus 24 oz...


  • 7 speeds including pulse (3 pre-programmed settings)
  • 1200W motor
  • Dishwasher safe glass jar
  • Dual direction blade technology
  • 24 oz. smoothie cup
  • 16-inch power cord
  • Extra wide base
  • Weight: 7 pounds


  • The motor is very powerful so you can blend frozen ingredients easily.
  • There is a bonus smoothie cup.
  • The power cord is very long.
  • Since the base is wider than the average blender, your smoothie will blend with less resistance.


  • The base of the blender is a bit heavy.
  • It requires a bit of storage space.


This Oster Pro Blender is a very affordable blender for making smoothies. Not only does it have all the speeds necessary for making smoothies, but it also has a very powerful motor that can crush ice in a matter of seconds.

COSORI 1500W Professional Blender

With this COSORI 1500W Professional Blender, you get to experience the motor power of a professional blender. This blender can easily reach speeds of 30,000RPM to quickly crush and blend foods that are completely frozen. With a variety of blending speeds, this blender is suitable for making all kinds of mixtures, even soups.

COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies,...


  • 1500W motor
  • Built-in soup setting
  • BPA free
  • Smart power safety feature
  • Dishwasher safe, spill-proof 64 oz. jar
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Includes cleaning brush, 27 oz. travel container and recipe book


  • It has a lot of accessories.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • The motor is extremely powerful.
  • There are a lot of blending speeds.
  • You can use the blender to make soups.
  • The blender jar is very big so you can make a lot of servings at once.


  • It is very heavy.


This COSORI Professional blender is one of the most powerful blenders on the market today. It is very great for making smoothies and it even has a bonus feature where it can be used to make soups.

Hamilton Beach Professional 1800W Blender

Hamilton Beach is a name well known for making high-quality blenders. The Hamilton Beach Professional 1800W Blender is no different. It has an extremely powerful motor and it also has more than 10 different blending speeds. Whether you use it for making juice, smoothies, or for blending other items, this blender definitely has the power capacity to get the job done.

Hamilton Beach Professional 1800W Blender with 64...


  • 1800W motor power
  • More than 10 blending speeds
  • 4 program settings (ice crush, smoothie, clean & puree)
  • LED timer display
  • Start/stop button
  • 64 oz. shatterproof BPA free jar
  • Tamper included
  • Pulse feature
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds


  • It has a lot of blending speeds.
  • The pitcher is very big so it can hold many servings at once.
  • It is dishwasher safe so it’s very easy to clean.


  • It is quite expensive.


If you’re looking for a professional grade blender that can produce high-quality smoothies and last for a long time, this blender is a great option. It has a lot of blending speeds and you can even select a speed for cleaning the blender. Although it is a bit expensive to purchase, this blender has a lot of features and seems to be well worth the price.

Commercial Blender AIMORES for Smoothie

This AIMORES Commercial Blender is an amazing blender for making smoothies. It has a lot of blending speeds and it even has a pulse feature. One of the amazing features of this blender is the gravity switch. This will prevent the blender blades from spinning once the cover is lifted from the blender. The blender is also very easy to clean and it comes with several accessories that make it easier to blend several items.

Aimores Commercial Blender for Shakes and...


  • 28,000RPM motor speed
  • 1,100W motor
  • 75 oz. BPA free pitcher jar
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto shut off
  • Gravity switch
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 8 pieces multi-prong stainless steel blade
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Includes tamper


  • It is very easy to clean.
  • The pitcher has a very large capacity.
  • The motor is very powerful so it can cut up frozen items including ice.
  • It will shut off automatically if the cover is removed from the pitcher.
  • It is very versatile in its function.


  • The base of the blender is heavy.


If you are looking for a blender that has manual speed control, this blender is it. With such a powerful motor and a large capacity pitcher, this blender can make several servings of smoothie for you and your loved ones.

Types of Blenders for Smoothies

As much as they may seem similar in their composition, all blenders are not made equal. While you may be able to use your trusty old blender for just about all your blending needs, you will realize that there are other types of blenders that can do a much better job at certain tasks.

When it comes to making smoothies, there are several types of blenders that can be used, including  bullet, hand/immersion, countertop, and high-performance blenders. Each type has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. It’s best to analyze them all and determine which one will work best for the types of smoothies that you want to make.

Easy Clean Blender for Smoothies

Making a smoothie can be a very messy process. If you want to lessen the time needed for clean up afterward, you need to pay close attention to your blender and how to care for it. If you have a dishwasher, purchasing a blender that is dishwasher safe may be a great option for you. However, if you don’t have a dishwasher, you may want to get a blender that has fewer parts. This should make the clean-up process much easier and quicker.

Using a Blender for Smoothies

Once your blender has all the appropriate settings needed for your smoothie to come out smooth and tasty, all you need to do is make sure that you do not put too much pressure on your blender. For instance, when using fruits for your smoothie, make sure you cut them into small pieces. This way, your blender will not have excessive chopping to do. It is also generally recommended that you do not leave your blender running for an extended period as this can cause the motor to overheat.

Buying a Blender for Smoothies

So, how do you know which blender will suit you and your smoothie needs? Here are a few tips to consider before you purchase that blender.

Think about the number of people it will serve

The more people you will be making smoothies for, the bigger you may want your blender to be. If you are only making single servings at a time, the size may not be so important to you.

Consider storage space available

Some blenders have a lot of parts or are bigger than others. If you do not have a lot of storage space, try to get something smaller.

Think about how easy it will be to clean

Check if the parts of the blender are dishwasher safe as well as how many parts there are to the blender. Also, bear in mind that touchpads will be easier to clean than dials and knobs.

Check the blending speeds and motor power

Blending speeds will affect the texture of your smoothie. If the blender has 5 speeds and a pulse function, that should be sufficient for your smoothies. Powerful motors will allow you to crush ice and larger pieces of food items. Try to find motors over 800W.

Does it have all the accessories you need?

Some blenders will come with smoothie cups as well as other attachments and features that will make it easier for you to make smoothies. Having these features can be very helpful.

Blender for Smoothies FAQs

What is the Blender Setting for Smoothies?

The blender setting that you use for your smoothie may vary based on the type of blender you have. Generally, the higher the blender speed, the smoother your smoothie will be. The pulse option is a great way to blend frozen ingredients and ice.

What Blender Should You Use for Smoothies?

Blenders that have at least 5 speeds as well as a pulse option are generally sufficient for making smoothies because they can crush frozen items well and create an even mixture of all ingredients.

Juicer or Blender for Smoothies?

Blenders are better for making smoothies than juicers. While the juicer will only extract the liquid from the fruit, the blender will chop up the fruit while retaining the pulp. This makes the smoothie much thicker and even more nutritious.

How to Make a Smoothie with a Blender?

Making a smoothie with a blender is very easy. All you need to do is chop up the fruits into small pieces and add these along with any other ingredients to your blender. Blend/pulse all the ingredients at low speed to get them chopped further and then blend at a higher speed to get the smooth consistency that you desire.

Which Blender is Best for Making Smoothies?

When it comes onto the best blender, this may be a matter of personal preference. However, make sure that your blender has good motor power and the right blending speeds for making smoothies.


Are you looking for the perfect blender to make smoothies for yourself or for your entire family? We have just given you some of the best ones that you can find on the market. Still, you may be wondering which of these products stands out from the rest. Well, when it comes to budget, versatility and effectiveness, we believe it has to be the Ninja Professional Blender (BL610). It is very affordable, has a motor powerful enough for crushing and blending frozen items, and it has several speed settings that can be used for blending a variety of other items.

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