Benefits of a Stand Mixer: Why They Are So Good!

Benefits of a Stand Mixer
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If you are an avid baker you already know the benefits of a stand mixer. However, if you are just getting into serious baking you may be weighing your options. Let us help you see why you really should purchase that stand mixer.

#1 Hands Free Operation

With a stand mixer you don’t need to be doing anything with your hands. You simply need to turn the machine on and off and load the ingredients. What this means is less work for you and faster and better results.

Without much effort and without much mess you can blend together the thickest mixture without getting your hands dirty. No need to get flour on your hands when making that bread dough thanks to the stand mixers ability to knead dough to the texture just like your hands would.

Make the tastiest and creamiest frostings without getting a drop of sticky frosting mess all over your counter tops. Add ingredients quickly and easily while the unit is in use without making a mess.

#2 Versatility

Stand mixers are very versatile as they are multipurpose kitchen utensils. Most stand mixers come with three standard mixers that allow you to do different tasks. Most mixers have the ability to work with other attachments which you can purchase separately. You can purchase attachments that give you the ability to make cupcakes, mashed potatoes, and guacamole and pizza dough, to name a few.

#3 Attachments

Stand mixers usually come with a basic set of attachments and often can be fitted with a number of optional ones which you can purchase additionally. These attachments make your stand mixer a lot more versatile than any hand held mixer could be.

#4 Multipurpose

Your stand mixer can serve a number of different purposes in your home kitchen. While the mixer itself may just sit on your counter, the steel bowl that accompanies it can be used for all sorts of things. The bowls can be used as double broilers and the deep narrow bowls can be used as cake molds and ice cream molds as well.

#5 Power and Control

With powerful motors and stand mixers that have up to 12 different speeds you can get all the control and power you need from a stand mixer to make even the heaviest dough. When it comes to controlling the unit you will find most of them with a tilt head or a tilt arm. This allows you to control mixing and adding ingredients as well as adding and removing the bowl and any attachments you want to interchange.

#6 Reliability and Efficiency

These powerful units are reliable and efficient to ensure that they will be long lasting since these are built with top quality materials to ensure longevity. Most stand mixers are traditionally made from die-cast metal which also means they are heavy. Heaviness is an advantage as it allows the bowl to stay in place while it is in use.

#7 Fast

With the right stand mixer you can get your batters and dough done a lot faster and with less fatigue. No longer will you have to be standing circling your mixing bowl for 10 minutes and getting your hands tired. With a stand mixer you can set your ingredients and leave them to mix. If you have a high tech model with a timer you can just set the timer and it will stop once it is done.

#8 Value for Money

Stand mixers aren’t cheap but you can find affordable models that can do what you need it to do. They do offer value for money though because of their durable build. That means even when you invest in a costly machine you will have it for years to come. If you were to divide the cost by the years of ownership, you would easily see the extreme value for money the purchase of a top quality stand mixer brings.


Stand mixers are a great addition to your kitchen if you love to bake. The benefits of a stand mixer go beyond their ability to allow you to mix up a cake batter easily, quickly and without too much mess. They also offer versatility and great value for money.

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