A Burning Question: Which KitchenAid Mixer is Best?

A Burning Question Which KitchenAid Mixer is Best
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KitchenAid has a ton of products on the market. Just about any kitchenware you could need, there’s an option available that they’ve made. From ranges to refrigerators, microwaves to mixers, they’ve surely got at least one appliance you’ll need. Today we’re asking which KitchenAid mixer is best.

With a decent variety of options to choose from, picking out your prefect mixer can be confusing. Which kind should you buy? A stand mixer, a hand mixer or an immersion mixer? Don’t freak out, there’s a way to choose the best one for you.

Finding your perfect kitchen mixer doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Here, we’ll go over the best of each category.

We’ve chosen the top rated mixers made by KitchenAid based on customer reviews, and we’ve done all of the searching to bring you all of the information you could need on all three of them. Of course, choosing which type is best for you is entirely up to you; hopefully, we can help out a bit!

Is the Artisan Five-Quart Tilt-Head Mixer the One for You?

KitchenAid makes several different stand mixers, so it can be hard to decide which KitchenAid mixer is best, but this one was the highest rated by the customers, who gave it four and a half stars out of five.

Consumers really enjoy all of the bold color choices so they can customize their mixer. It comes with a five-quart stainless steel mixing bowl and a whole array of attachments for quick and easy mixing. The pouring shield, dough hook, whisk, and flat beater all come in handy for any recipe you want to make.

While a few customers were a little unsatisfied with the attachments, the build, or the paint job, most of them were pretty pumped about their new mixers. Some wanted attachments that weren’t included, or they stated that the screws were loose or the paint was chipped and scratched.

Some said that the original design of the mixer was better, It’s such a versatile mixer that it fits three- and four-and-a-half-quart bowls as well, which means you can get a little or a lot done depending on what you require. With ten speeds and the 325-watt motor, this stand mixer stands up to most of the other stand mixers on the market.

Which Do You Prefer, Hand or Immersion?

There’s a bit of difference between a hand mixer and an immersion mixer. A hand mixer is usually sort of bulky and requires certain containers to be used in.

An immersion blender is generally slimmer, more compact, and fit a bigger variety of mixing containers. With the few complaints generally being about the weights of the mixers, these two are pretty close to perfect. Which type would you rather have? Which KitchenAid mixer is best for you?

KitchenAid offers their seven speed digital model, and consumers are fairly happy with it, giving it just over four stars out of five. Some of the less positive reviews seem to have come from buyers who don’t quite understand how to use the mixer properly, but that can be remedied by reading the user manual.

It has a built-in soft start function to reduce splattering and come with two turbo beaters, a professional whisk, and two dough hooks, so you’ll have all the kitchen tools you’ll need. Consumers said that the ejector button worked really well, and the lockable swivel cord makes keeping it out of the way ridiculously easy.

The five speed immersion mixer, also called a hand blender, is the top choice among buyers, with a whopping four point nine stars out of five. This easy-to-use mixer comes with several different attachments, including different blades and beaters, guards, storage, and its own one-liter pitcher.

It brings the user manual and a two-and-a-half cup chopper with it as well. The included S-blade and multipurpose blade are perfect for blending and crushing ice, while the beater, whisk, and chopper all take care of any other ingredients.

With a BPA-free pitcher that you can just stick on the top rack of the dishwasher, this mixer is a pretty terrific option to add to any array of kitchen appliances.

So Which KitchenAid Mixer is Best for You?

Do you prefer the stand mixer for heavy duty mixing jobs or is that much power unnecessary for your needs? Would you rather have a more familiar mixer or one with more possibility? The choice is entirely up to you. Based on reviews, it appears as though the hand held immersion mixer is the crowd favorite.

Most of the mixers have dishwasher safe components, so cleaning up is a breeze, regardless of your chosen mixer. If you’re more of a professional chef, and you like to make large batches of foods or have a pretty big family, then the Artisan stand mixer is probably going to be your best bet.

Not everyone is a professional chef or has a big family, so there may not be a need for such a big mixer. If you’re a simpler cook or live in a smaller household, either the digital mixer or the immersion mixer should suffice for any need that may arise.

Both have such a range of what they can do that they both appear to be pretty close as far as customer ratings go. The overwhelmingly positive reviews make both the digital and the immersion tools that any kitchen would benefit from.

With pretty positive ratings from consumers and a lot of variation in what they’re capable of, one of these might be your favorite as well. Whether you’re crafting a cake, mixing up soup ingredients, or blending up a smoothie, we’re sure that at least one of these mixers will be the perfect match for you.

Which KitchenAid mixer is best? All three of these, the Artisan stand mixer, the digital hand held mixer, and the immersion mixer, are wonderful options for your next appliance purchase. Which one will you add to your collection?

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